How do I start / create my collection?

Go to the creator page and login with your account, then click on the button 'Create Collection' and fill in the info to save.

My drops are not showing in the home page 😱

Sometimes we may see the same drops coming over and over again just to take space from the home page, we consider it an abuse of the system which takes the opportunity from other creators to showcase their project, so you will be added to the abusers list. Please contact us directly through Discord to remove you from there as long as you let us know you won't keep doing it. You can also share any ideas you have on how we can help you and others promote their projects, why you decide not to use the banners we offer or any other topics.

Is there a verification process for creators?

No, we rely on the XPR Network KYC to trust the collections created by these accounts.


What are identity verified collections?

Identity verified collections are collections where NeftyBlocks verified the identity of the individual creator or of the legal representative of the creator company. Also the creator has signed a creator agreement with NeftyBlocks. Please note: to avoid scams and rug-pulls, always conduct your own research about a project.

What is the meaning of the different collection badges?

  • A green banner means that the creator's identity has been verified by NeftyBlocks.


What is an NFT?

An NFT is a verifiable digital asset. These assets reside on an immutable distributed database known as a blockchain. A blockchain allows people to create, store and trade NFTS on. The blockchain enables anyone, anywhere in the world to create, buy, sell, and trade these digital assets.

What does 'minting' mean?

The process of tokenizing your work and creating an NFT.

What does NFT stand for?

NFT stands for non-fungible token. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are fungible tokens. This means that any one bitcoin is the same as another bitcoin. Non-fungible tokens are unique in their kind. Any NFT has unique metadata assigned to it, making it a one-of-a-kind digital asset.

What can I do with an NFT?

Since NFTs trade on a blockchain, you have a lot of freedom when it comes to what you do with your NFTS.

  • Buy & Sell NFTs on a marketplace.
  • Trade and gift NFTs with others.
  • Showcase your public NFT inventory in decentralized applications (dApps) or social media. - Use your NFTs in decentralized applications (dApps) such as in games.
  • Build NFT collections of your favourite creator.

How do NFTS work?

Blockchain is the underlying technology for creating NFTS. The design of blockchain technology allows for fast retrieval of historical records. When you own an NFT, you own the right to the token on the blockchain that represents the NFT. By owning an NFT, you own the certificate of authenticity for that particular digital asset. This certificate of authenticity that resides on the blockchain is what gives your NFTs its scarcity and monetary value. Taking a screenshot of an NFT does not give you a certificate of authenticity. Just like taking a picture of the Mona Lisa, making a screenshot of an NFT does not give the screenshot any monetary value.

Do NFTS harm the environment?

It depends on which blockchain the NFTS are created. The XPR Network is carbon neutral. This means that NFTS minted on the XPR Network do not harm the environment. This is in sharp contrast with NFTS on Ethereum. Due to the energy efficient design of the underlying technology, the XPR Network is 220,000 times more energy efficient than Bitcoin and Ethereum.

How are my NFTS secured?

If you use your own crypto wallet, keep your private key secure.

What are NFT mint numbers?

Any NFT is a one-of-a-kind digital asset, but creators often mint greater numbers of the same looking NFT. When an NFT is minted on the blockchain a mint number is assigned to it. The mint number represents the order in which the NFTS are minted on the blockchain. Just like any physical or digital collectible item, lower mint numbers are more sought after by collectors. Naturally, low mint NFTS can have very high valuations on NFT marketplaces.

What is pre-mint and mind on demand?

To prevent bots from claiming the most valuable low mint NFTs in an NFT sale, pre minted NFTs randomize the order at which a collector receives an NFT. This way, Everyone has a fair chance to buy a low mint NFT.

What is an NFT pack?

Buying and opening a pack of NFTS on the blockchain works much like opening a pack of physical Pokémon cards you buy in stores. You buy a pack and try your luck to get a rare card from an NFT collection.
Contrary to physical card packs, the odds of getting an NFT of a certain rarity are public and transparent. Moreover, the maximum supply of cards and packs is known by collectors beforehand. At NeftyBlocks, you can create your own NFT collection and release NFT packs for your audience. Releasing packs containing NFTS to your audience is known as an NFT Drop.

Why create an NFT?

There are several aspects that make NFTS an amazing technological solution for creators and collectors. First and foremost, it provides artists from all over the world to reach an audience they would otherwise not have access to. The NFT space is global and easily accessible. Moreover, NFT creators are ensured to receive a percentage share of future resales once their NFTS are distributed to the public. There is full transparency in the price, ownership and trading history of the digital assets. And, the underlying technology is very flexible allowing the imagination of the NFT creator to truly go wild!

What are NFT Communities?

NFT communities are groups of enthusiasts that have a shared interest in the collection of NFT creators. NFT communities are often present in Telegram and Discord. To join an NFT community, search for the social media accounts of the collection you like.
Just like in the traditional art world, value is subjective. As NFTS can be art, gamified objects, music and more, every community can have a different ‘feel’. Thus, whether your audience likes your creations, depends on your ability to tell your story through your NFTS.

What are Resources?

The XPR Network ecosystem is powered by the XPR cryptocurrency. This cryptocurrency is not only used to transact between users on the secondary market, but also to power the blockchain itself. To let the blockchain run smoothly, all creators, buyers and sellers of NFTs need to temporarily lock up some XPR tokens to power the network. This is called staking.

  • Staking Staking XPR tokens to your account allows you to perform transactions on the blockchain, like trading, playing a game and creating NFTs. Staked tokens are no longer liquid in your wallet, however, you return your tokens to your wallet by unstaking. It takes 72 hours for your tokens to return to your wallet once you have clicked the unstake button. This mechanic allows you to stake more or less tokens to operate the blockchain, depending on your activity.
  • Types of resources There are 3 types of resources; CPU, NET and RAM. CPU and NET are required to conduct transactions on the blockchain. With too little staked, transactions will fail. RAM is required to store your NFTs on the blockchain. Too little ram makes your NFT inventory fill up.